Hexawave’s main business policy is to provide parts and modules required for wireless communication. In view of the increasingly prosperous development of wireless communication and the increasing demand for high-quality communications, Hanwei Optoelectronics established Taiwan’s first arsenic in 1991 Gallium component manufacturing plant provides gallium arsenide components and high-frequency communication modules to meet the needs of high-frequency wireless communication. In order to improve the yield rate and develop new processes, we continue to improve the process
Based on the quality impact generated in the process, based on meeting customer needs and providing customers with satisfactory products and services, we promise the following quality policies:
Quality comes first │ Continuous improvement │ Meet customer needs

Environmental Policy
In order to meet customer requirements, international quality management standards and green product management system related standards, Hexawave has established a quality and green product management system and implemented continuous improvement based on the above-mentioned quality and green product policy to ensure that Hexawave can supply and meet customers expect the products and achieve the goal of customer satisfaction in the most economical way. Hexawave green products are defined as products that comply with the EU Directive on Restricted Use of Hazardous Substances, International Prohibited and Restricted Substances Directives, customer requirements and Hexawave's internal requirements.

1. Comply with applicable laws and regulations.
2. Committed to pollution prevention and environmental protection.
3. Committed to the design and manufacture of green products.
4. Continuous improvement and sustainable operation.